Thursday, October 01, 2009

"I got the dog shit blues"

Far back at the start of this blog I heaped praise on The Red Rubber Band in a vain attempt at linking music into the objectives of this campaign and making the subject look even slightly trendy & hip.

But I never thought for one minute that I would be able to successfully blend music & dog fouling together - that was until I stumbled across Richard Reinke and his underrated classic "Dog Shit Blues".

There is only one recording of his song available and I found it! It may look amateurish, but listen to his lyrics. They are filled with passion & anger and really put across the frustration he has experienced when stepping in dog crap.
It really hit a cord with me.

Forget Lennon & McCartney, Reinke says it as it is. Turn up the volume & kick back - this is nectar for your ears.


Just another cloud in the BIG blue sky at 1 Oct 2009, 23:23:00 said...

"dog shit in my hand" lol!brillian

Ruby at 2 Oct 2009, 13:47:00 said...

I came to your site following the link for your hit counter and found something much better! Thanks, I needed a good laugh this morning. LMAO! Always good to start your day off with a laugh.

richard reinke at 4 Feb 2010, 22:04:00 said...

Thanks for the positive review.. That song on a street corner is the clincher for money in the hat.

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