Thursday, October 08, 2009

Women, dogs & bikinis

Picture the scene :

The sun is shining & the sea is blue. A young lady is enjoying her day at the beach, sunbathing in her bikini & sipping cold drinks.

She decides to take her little dog for a walk along the shoreline to show off her tan & to check out the local talent.

Her dog stops by a group of particularly hunky surfer dudes and they engage her in conversation. Suddenly the dog takes a huge dump on the sand in full view of everyone.

Oh no!! She doesn't have a bag & can't pick up the poo. She dies of embarrassment and never wants to show her face at the beach again.

She loves her dog & loves the beach but how is she ever to carry poo bags when wearing her favourite skimpy bikini without looking like a geek?

Introducing the "I Pick Up" poo bag carrier. I wont go into detail about the product or about its promotional video other than to say - I approve!!

Yes it's blatantly sexist & employs buxom girls in string bikinis to get the message across - but you have to agree that bikini clad girls discussing dog fouling is so much more appealing than Susan Bell - The Naked Pooper Scooper of New Hampshire, USA.

I've already ordered one to wear on my Speedos - a poo bag carrier not a girl in a bikini :-)

It works for me ...


Peter Arronsen at 9 Oct 2009, 19:02:00 said...

I appreciate that this is an incredible coincidence but I had to throw those girls out of my bedroom last night.

I'll give them their due, they fought hard. One of them clung onto the door frame but I was having none of it. "Get out of here at once, I'm having none of this" I shouted at them. Eventually, I won.

This is further evdence of how standards are slipping.

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