Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Postal Strike

As must be obvious from the content of this blog, it is completely apolitical. Therefore, you will be fully aware that we have no view on the pending postal strike, the reasons or the arguments. In fact, quite frankly, I don't understand them anyway!

That said, we must always look for the positives in any situation. Will there be any positives from the strike? A message board user called "GJW" posts as follows:

At least if they go on strike my property will have a break from having red rubber bands thrown all over it. Littering is a criminal offence Mr Postman you tw*t.

I assume he/she believes the postman to be a "twit".

As and when the strike takes hold, I would appreciate reports regarding any effect on the proliferation of the vile blight on our society, which takes the form of red rubber bands!


The Little Miss at 21 Oct 2009, 20:29:00 said...

oh my gosh I hate strikes...I know sometimes people dont get treated fairlyu and thats why they do it but just sucks for us...
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