Friday, April 17, 2009

Stretching my patience ...

I read an interesting article recently about a woman who is terrified to go outdoors. Not because of the problems with dog fouling (!) in this country - rather she is afraid of the other menace on our streets - red rubber bands.

This isn't a joke. She suffers from a latex allergy, meaning she goes into anaphylactic shock when coming into contact with these innocent looking bands, either in the street or wrapped around her mail.

It basically means that she takes her life in her hands just walking to the corner shop - one touch of a red rubber band and she is history.

So I was relieved to read an article by the Radio 4 DJ Eddie Mair where he asks his listeners to post any red rubber bands they find to him at BBC News Centre.

So forget saving a life by giving a pint of blood every few months - pick up a red rubber band today, send it to the BBC and save a life.

Think how many lives you could save just going out for a stroll ?

I've saved 3 people today without even trying.


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