Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shit Happens ...

Read a great little article in todays METRO, tucked away at the bottom of page 20.

Shit happens as dog poo owners shamed by flags

"Health campaigners are trying to shame dog owners into cleaning up after their pets – by sticking flags in their poo.
The flags – with slogans such as '100 grammes – only 1.99' or 'This is Art' – have been produced by a Berlin-based pressure group called Shit Happens."

Brilliant!! A pressure group called Shit Happens - now that is what we need in the UK.

I'm off to make some little Union Jack flags to take down to my local park to start shaming a few owners.


Young at heart said...

Isn't that a risk to a young child who could easily fall over and poke its eye out on the flag stick?

Surely people would rather have a child with a curable toxic disease caught through touching a dog faeces, than a child with just one eye?

Peter Arronsen at 1 May 2009, 18:28:00 said...

I agree with the view expressed above. Therefore, use only blunt flags!

Unknown at 5 Oct 2020, 23:11:00 said...

Shovel it up or bag it up and follow the dog owner home and put it through their letter box.

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