Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stamp it out ...

Dog fouling is consistently one of the highest sources of complaints by the public to MPs, local councillors and local authorities. Estimates put the UK dog population between 6.5 and 7.4 million - thats 1,000 tonnes of faeces hitting the streets of the UK every day!!!
And yet it never appears as a priority for any public authority - council, police or government.
With your help this can change and dog fouling can be elevated to its rightful importance from being a No: 2.


Peter Arronsen at 15 Apr 2009, 21:07:00 said...

I agree that this menace must be fought. My hall carpet has been ruined by dog faeces. Good on Bromley Council for doing something about this!

Stamp It Out at 15 Apr 2009, 22:01:00 said...

I hope it wasn't a wool carpet Pete - they are a bugger to get dog faeces out.

Peter Arronsen at 15 Apr 2009, 22:30:00 said...

Trust me, synthetic is just as bad. It's all very well for people to ignore this menace but it is destroying our society. I say track the owners and post them sacks of cow dung to make the point.

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