Saturday, April 25, 2009

Needless Discrimination

Airedale terriers are well known as a lovely, well behaved breed of dog.

Why, then, are they subjected to a very heavily ingrained type of discrimination? They are portrayed throughout the country as being responsible for mass fouling. An example of this discrimination can be seen above left.

If I discriminated like this against people on grounds of, for example, race, then nobody in the pub would speak to me, and rightly so!

I call upon local authorities to end this vile discrimination. Lets see some other dogs represented, after all, Rottweilers can really let a pile go if they so desire!


Peter Arronsen at 29 Apr 2009, 18:53:00 said...

There is no room for any form of discrimination in the world of fouling. I distance this Blog from these anonymous observations.

Sally-Anne said...

A dog faeces is a dog faeces in anyones language Peter - surely dog fouling is something to unite all races ?

Peter Arronsen at 30 Apr 2009, 18:27:00 said...


I totally agree. I was opposing the notion of keeping dog fouling British.

We must unite under the banner of dog fouling. I feel world peace is a small step closer!

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