Sunday, February 16, 2014

One Heck Of A Stink In Tower Hamlets!

Councillor Ohid Ahmed
Deputy Mayor of Tower Hamlets

Again, grateful thanks are due to London Operative, JH, for bringing this matter to our attention.

Tower Hamlets is a borough in East London. It has many social challenges and requires firm and innovative management. If reports are true (and we are only reporting the observations of others) then it appears that there is much innovation going on!
It would appear that Tower Hamlets operates a poop scooping machine. We see an example of such technology two posts beneath this one. Obviously, such action is good for the people of Tower Hamlets.....or is it? If you take the view of Tower Hamlets Labour Party, then it certainly isn't! They headline their report with the words: "Deputy Mayor puts his foot in it! £41k a year spent on cleaning up dog mess on the street he lives".
According to the allegation, "Council documents uncovered by Tower Hamlets Labour have shown how a £41,385 contract to clean up dog mess in the borough is used to clean the same 11 streets in Deputy Mayor Ohid Ahmed's ward every day of the week. The tax payer cash funds a 'dog fouling removal machine' which operates the same set route each day, centred around the street where Cllr Ahmed lives.
The route takes in a tiny corner of the borough which is entirely contained within Cllr Ahmed's ward, with his street being the only one cleaned twice a day. The machine runs the same route 5 days a week, totally ignoring the rest of the borough's densely populated streets, despite residents increasingly complaining about filthy streets and the Council not dealing with dog mess".
What do we conclude from this? I don't really know. Suffice it to say that we see dog fouling at the forefront of a political battle. Here at Dog Fouling and Red Rubber Bands we are apolitical. That said, we feel it is good to see politicians legitimately talking excrement!
Labour Party article here.


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