Sunday, February 09, 2014

Faeces Intake Disposal Operation (FIDO)

Our more attentive readers and followers will remember the FIDO initiative introduced by Nottingham City Council.

Some of you might have felt that it was a costly initiative, destined to fail. If you did think that, events are suggesting that you are wrong. Wesley and his two colleagues target the city's hotspots, using Facebook and Twitter to stay ahead of the flowing streets.

I like these two videos. They show the machine in action and also an interview with Wesley, who explains how he and his colleagues operate.


I like the way Wesley hesitates as he gets to the word "faeces". Was he going to say "poo" or something else? We will never know!

Now here is the dilemma. It appears from the video that the streets of Nottingham City are awash. The FIDO and its drivers do an excellent job of removing all traces. But should dog owners in Nottingham now clean up? Let's face it, if they do, Wesley and two others face the prospect of redundancy. would we want to see that in this era of austerity? I think not!

For the sake of Wesley and his colleagues, long may the streets of Nottingham provide employment!


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