Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Dog Poo Fairies - They Do Exist!

Kriser's COO Ken Grouf poses with customers in his official Poo Fairy uniform and tandem bike. Courtesy of Kriser's
Poo Fairies will visit Houston parks on Saturday and Sunday to promote healthy animal-human relations. (File photo) Courtesy of Kriser's
Kriser's Poo Fairies pet pick-up

Kriser's officially opens its doors on Buffalo Speedway Feb. 8. (File photo) Courtesy of Kriser's
As you can see, these fairies clearly do exist in Houston! As Ken explains: "Picture these people wearing Kriser's official Poo Fairy suits at a local park. Every time a Poo Fairy spots someone clearing up after their dog, that pet parent get an 'I Scooped' sticker similar to the 'I Voted' stickers you get on Election Day." Free poo bags and coupons are passed along for good measure as well.
Ken goes on to explain: "Let's be honest, people get upset and sad when they step in poo. Our teams offer us an opportunity to make areas poo-free and ensure that the animals we love so much never get a bad wrap."
Krisers is an all natural and organic pet food supplier. There might well be advertising value in the activities described above and they might provide a commercial reward. I don't know but I thank Culture Map Houston for telling the world of this initiative.
Article here.


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