Sunday, March 11, 2012

St Paulinus Church of England Primary School Crayford - We Salute You!

I have mixed memories of my days at primary school in a quiet Cornish village. While the teachers had been recruited almost exclusively from the ranks of the intellectually and socially inadequate there were some lighter aspects to the experience.

Dog fouling was an issue in the village from my earliest days. Back then, we didn't really think about it. It was (and is) part of village life. The walk to school was more of a slide. In those days, most of us had lino as opposed to carpets. This was a good thing.

Looking back on it, the school must have been absolutely awash but expectations were different then and we must have been hardened to the stench before we actually started at school.

Thankfully, things have moved on. Teachers are now decent human beings and dog fouling is not acceptable. These two facts have combined at St Paulinus C of E Primary School in Crayford.

The letter below sums up the improvements. My parents generally received communications about my behaviour. I must, also, stress that nobody was ever harmed and no damage was done when I, and others, repeatedly rang the school from the village phone box, asked to speak to the headmaster and then set a banger off down the mouthpiece - repeatedly.

Back to the matter at hand. We applaud the efforts being made by St Paulinus school to eliminate the menace of dog fouling. If only I qualified to design a poster! I can see it now. It would be dripping with faeces and disease. It would shock, it would revolt, it would get the public on board!

Have a read of the letter below.

I can only just begin to imagine the foul state of the air in the assembly hall! I have emailed our support to the school and offered our assistance should it be required.


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