Saturday, March 31, 2012

Phone Hacking and Dog Fouling - Hugh Grant Pitches In!

Hugh Grant appears to have it all; good looks, money, fame, wit, charm, the list is endless. As we will all be aware, he was a victim of phone hacking. This would be enough to make most people annoyed. Hugh is no exception. He has tirelessly campaigned to hold the media to account for their actions.

It is therefore quite touching that, while speaking on this subject of real importance to him, he should suddenly lapse into expressing his views on dog fouling!

Hugh accepts that he is more obsessed with dog fouling than phone hacking and explains how he follows people about! He also complains that somebody's dog leaves excrement outside his house every day!

With a celebrity of this stature on our side, we cannot lose!

Hugh begins to express his views at 1.36secs on the following video.

Let's hear it for Hugh!


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