Friday, March 23, 2012

The BBC, Our Operative, Scotland and Poo bags!

Once again, our thanks to our South London/North Kent Operative, Julian, for finding this vital information.

We can always rely on the BBC for information. Indeed the BBC is respected worldwide for the way it manages important issues with clarity and honesty. Dog fouling is no exception.

We learn from the BBC that The annual Marine Conservation Society beach litter survey pointed to an 11% increase in bags of dog faeces on UK beaches, including a 71% rise in Scotland.

"Pet owners have been thinking ahead by carrying plastic bags", said Lauren Davis, who co-ordinates the annual Beachwatch campaign but she added: "We hope our findings will now encourage them to take the bag off the beach and bin it in one of the many receptacles provided for the job."

So at least half of the "bag it and bin it" message has got across. This is a bit like reading "do not touch, 20,000 volts" and missing out the "not".

On the plus side, Lauren also reports: "We also saw a substantial dip of 33% in the amount of sewage-related debris on our beaches - that's the stuff people put down their loos but shouldn't, like cotton buds, condoms, sanitary towels and tampon applicators,"

I wonder if this is a deliberate "quid pro quo" act by the public? Less sewage-related debris, more dog poo?

I leave you with the view expressed by "Mooker" at comment 51: "Nothing wrong with a bit of dog dirt here and there. I freely allow my dog to defecate where it likes.

Just think of all the plastic bags it's saving just leaving it to nature.

Incidental, have you noticed the size of horse dirt?"

Has Mooker seen the horse dung posts on this blog? I know not but I despair! See the article here.


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