Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Poo Alley and the Scary Councillor - Bromley

The News Shopper has provided us with informative reports in the past. On this occasion, my thanks must go to one of our South London/North Kent operatives, Julian, for bringing this story to our attention.

Mr Damian Cerase (right) is tired of the state of the path that runs off Magpie Hall Lane in Bromley to Princes Plain Primary School and then on to Bishop Justus School. It appears that it is awash! Damian has been moved to consider putting up a sign, giving the alley the name, by which it is known to local parents and residents.

Councillor Colin Smith (left), Deputy Leader of the Council and Portfolio Holder for Environment, is clearly determined to put the fear of all things bad into offenders by stating that those, who fail to clean up, "will increasingly find themselves on the wrong end of a fixed penalty notice and £80 fine as this is an area we are determined to clamp down on during 2012".

As if this wasn't enough to scare the hardest offender, Colin goes on to shock us further by declaring "Problem areas will also see hard hitting posters being put up ...". Now I've been around a bit and have seen some of the harder aspects of life but I must say that when I read that Colin was threatening people with a "hard hitting poster" my legs gave and, had I not been seated already, I would have hit the deck like a sack of spuds!

I can give no greater tribute to this whole episode than to publish a picture from the News Shopper that serves to illustrate the problem in the alley.


Anonymous said...

I wonder what type of footwear was being worn. I felt it might be an Adidas trainer but am not 100%

Peter Arronsen at 3 Mar 2012, 22:47:00 said...

Whatever the make, it was caked at the end of the day.

Dog fouling is a great leveller. Whether your trainers are expensive or cheap like mine, they can still stink badly and seriously damage a carpet!

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