Sunday, February 12, 2012

Night Vision Goggles - Not Just a Military Option!

Or it certainly isn't for Hyndburn council in Lancashire. Our thanks must go to the Mail Online for bringing us this story.

We've seen controversy over the use of CCTV and covert surveillance systems to combat dog fouling. Now, the use of night vision equipment to combat after dark dog fouling is bound to raise further issues of liberty v the public interest.
Councillor Ken Moss is absolutely with us and appears to have thrown his weight behind the night vision initiative. He states:"Most dog walkers are creatures of habit and if people are regularly offending in the same spot, the wardens could use that information to stamp out the irresponsible minority". Has Ken been reading our blog and seen that our founder and leader is known as "stamp on it"? Could it be that Ken is looking to slip in a pun without his electorate realising? We don't know but we welcome his support.

As ever, our thoughts should really be with those, who have to engage in the enforcement activity. While we are all grateful for our jobs in this recession hit world, not many of us would hide in bushes at night to detect dogs fouling the environment and then having to jump out on the owner. One day, it could be a vicar's wife as her poodle let's one go in the park. Not an easy situation to manage! Seeing this picture in the Mail, I imagined the following radio transmission: "Ranger control, ranger control from Alpha 1, fouling at 33 degrees north, request air support and a shovel". Hyndburn dog warden Fran Gibbons shows how his team will operate as they try to catch offenders in the town centre and elsewhere. As a closing thought, where would you really focus your attention on a night time patrol? I would suggest the ground. You won't catch anybody but you'll spare your carpets!


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