Thursday, February 23, 2012

News Shopper, Snow and Alleyways

Once again, the News Shopper has hit the nail on the head regarding dog fouling. Our thanks must, again, go to our South London/North Kent operative, Julian, for bringing these matters to our attention.

Alleyways are a constant issue. Bexley leads the way again. The footpath between Heath Way and Northumberland Way is absolutely awash! Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator for Heath Way, Claire Watts, sums it up: "We have to do the poo dance on the way to school". Mum-of-two Katie Melville, who uses a pushchair, said: "If it gets on the wheels it comes in my house". This is just the problem, which we have always emphasised!

Snow is also a real issue for us. We have seen a video below of dog fouling in the snow. Is it really an issue, which bothers people?

Ask L Williams of Biggin Hill. He likes the snow but hates dog fouling. For him, this is so serious that he asks: "where are the community police when we need them"? As we read his views I can only observe: "amen to that"!


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