Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dog Poo Christmas Ornaments and Gifts

On Christmas morning, what better than to feast our eyes on a series of ornaments and gifts, which help us to celebrate Christmas with our favourite substance - dog excrement.

We start with "Yule Doos", a frosted tree ornament. I love the strap line "When a Tinkle's Not Enough"! I can just imagine a Christmas tree overflowing with these representations of dog waste.

Then we have a (thankfully) unscented dog poo candle. Imagine these around the table on Christmas morning!

But my favourite has to be "Chocolate Doo Drops". Quite frankly, I can taste them as I type this post!

Whatever your chosen favourite, have a very happy Christmas and don't forget... there is no amnesty during the holiday period! If your dog produces some festive fouling then you must still engage in a Christmas clear up!


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