Sunday, December 04, 2011

88horatio - A Lover of Fine Food?

88horatio appears to be new to the concept of internet campaigning but he has come straight in at the deep end!

We have often spoken out against the concept of hanging dog poo bags from trees. 88horatio shares our view. That said, he goes in what I consider to be a very strange direction. Having spotted a bag of excrement hanging from a tree he declares "stinking might as well eat it...."

I can't really get my head around that concept. I have published a picture on this blog that I took in my home village here. It shows bags of poo hanging around an overflowing bin. While I experienced disgust (and no small gag reflex!), I felt no desire to consume the various items! It just goes to show how the whole issue of dog fouling can affect your reasoning process.

Thank goodness I have remained stable!


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