Monday, December 05, 2011

Dog Fouling 'Out of Control' in West Fife....

So reports Gary Fitzpatrick of the Dunfermline press.

Feelings are running high in Kelty. Resident Alex Rowley calls for "a war of action". He further advocates that Kelty should "use surveillance cameras to gain the evidence to take the action needed and we should be prosecuting those responsible".

As our readers and followers will be aware, we have featured CCTV on this site before. A good example can be seen here.

This has caused a reaction from MSP and West Fife villages SNP councillor Bill Walker, who agrees that dog fouling is an "appalling problem" but believes that has always been the case - even when Labour ran the council. Thus we see politics once again intertwined with the issue of dog fouling.

Strange that Danny Kushlick polled so little at the last election!

What can I say? When I see this and look at many of the posts on this blog, I form the view that Scotland seems to have dog fouling issues from coast to coast. What do you think? You can leave your views with the Dunfermline press here.

I have commented and I thank them for joining us in this ceaseless campaign for the eradication of crime!


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