Saturday, October 08, 2011

Super Vaclav - Going Viral from the Czech Republic!

As we have seen many times on this site, dog fouling is an international problem. Clearly, the parks and streets of the Czech Republic are flowing with dog waste. What can be done about the problem? Well, the answer appears to be "Super Václav". This masked superhero has decided to clean up his country, and who would be critical of him for that?

Václav is, in fact, a fellow blogger. Albeit that his blog is in his native language, you will find that "Google translator" helps us to see his world. Step into that world here.

I am particularly impressed at his planing, he has two views of his activity, one from a witness and one from a headcam. This gives a unique and valuable perspective, particularly for the dog walker, upon whom he smeared dog faeces. Unfortunately, there is no account of how the chase ends. I assume he got away. Let's hope so! In real life, there are no superheroes, who are immune from injury!

Anyway, sit back and enjoy the chase from both angles!


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