Wednesday, October 05, 2011

If Music be the Food of Love....

.....Play On!

Shakespeare could not possibly have envisaged that music could ever be linked to dog fouling. Indeed, in old Willie's day, the streets were flowing with human waste. How I envy those people! I frequently feel the urge to rip my toilet off the wall and pour the contents into the street. I regard this as a viable alternative to flushing and it saves water! That said, this blog is not here to enable me to talk about my personal feelings, even though I really cannot control my desire to write about damage and toilets (sorry, went there again!).

Returning to the music theme, I can do no more than express my admiration for bourkest1, who has produced a veritable feast of musical enlightenment and all in the cause of combating the menace of dog fouling. Clearly, Australia has not escaped this plague of excrement!

As I played these videos I wept as I'm sure many have done when touched by a powerful combination of music and emotion!

Watch these videos and try to control yourselves!


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