Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dog Excrement - Would You Eat Lunch Off It?

Well, that's exactly what they are doing in Central Park, New York! This TV report suggests that the policy of "bag it and bin it" does have a downside. Let's face it, when a dog decides to leave a steaming pile on the grass, it would not be possible to pick up every last trace of it.

This is the very point of this report by "My Fox New York". After all, in a city, which had 536 murders in 2010, it is only logical that cameras should focus on where a dog has paid a visit!

Is this kind of reality TV a good thing? Well, in a democracy, we could argue that we should all be given as much information as possible about all things. In principle, I might agree with this. That said, on this topic, I would prefer ignorance. After all, if I'd just consumed a lunch laced with bacteria from dog faeces, I might prefer not to know! Enjoy the spectacle!


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