Sunday, March 06, 2011

Keith Linnecor - A Kindred Blogger From Oscott Ward

Just as I formed the view that we might be the only bloggers to be taking seriously the issue of dog fouling, I am proved wrong.

Keith Linnecor, a fellow blogger, local councillor and clearly a major kindred spirit, has demonstrated that he firmly on board our particular campaign vessel.

Reporting from Oscott ward in Birmingham, he observes:"Every street in Oscott for example seems to have more than its fair share of dog mess at the moment". Keith has arranged for a high profile anti-dog fouling campaign to take place this month.

As Keith puts it: "As long as any dog mess is put in a plastic bag it can be put in a litter bin". Wise words indeed!

Keith, we are with you and hope you will join us in our worldwide campaign!

Visit Keith here.


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