Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Freedom of Information - It Won't Go Away!

Many of our readers will remember our hero, Paul Burns, who spent part of his New Year's Eve making a Freedom of Information (FOI) request of Royal Mail regarding the number of red rubber bands used over the previous year.

It would be easy to regard such a hero as simply a lone voice, emanating from a person with nothing better to do on New Year's Eve. Not at all! Paul is no lone voice! For a start, we have joined him but, even better, a Darrell Herd has entered the fray.

Darrell points out that: "Housing growth will see a need for more elastic bands". I have read Darrell's entire post and cannot work out if he is simply a dispassionate observer stating what he sees as being fact or if he is trying to make a point for or against the use of red rubber bands.

Either way, he has stepped into the arena and that's good enough for us!

View Darrell's full contribution here.


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