Thursday, March 24, 2011

Angry people.

Imagine you are a photographer - fresh out of college after completing your photographic course and keen to impress your new boss with what you can do for the local paper.

Thinking you will be sent undercover to do some investigative journalism/photography - maybe attend crime scenes, accidents, demonstrations etc - you bring your best camera to work.

Your editor send you on your first (of many repetitive jobs) - "Get me a picture of people looking angry about dog shit!".

And so your life as a photographer on a local paper is mapped out for the rest of your career. No matter how much you try to put your expertise into practice, you can't make your photo's look any different from all the rest.

Here are just a few of the best ...

Guess where the dog shit is?

I'm angry cause I got a fine for not picking up my dog's shit!

Still life shot.

That's not chocolate dear.


Stop your dog shitting outside my house.


Where's the dog shit dad?

What's that funny smell?

Angry old man with an unhealthy interest in watching his neighbours on CCTV.

Spare a thought for the photographer on your local paper, without them this blog would struggle for images of miserable people pointing at dog turds!


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