Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dog Fouling And Police Brutality

Bruised: Polish immigrant Ann Stanczyk, 49, claims she was horrifically beaten by two NYPD officers over a disagreement about dog poop.

I begin by stressing that I do not believe a story simply because someone says that they were assaulted by the police. In fact, I'm sure the NYPD has plenty to deal with.

That said, it is astounding that an allegation of assault has emanated from an allegation of dog fouling.

It is alleged that the police accused her dog of fouling, she claimed it had only urinated. She picked up the faeces and claimed that they were cold and not, therefore, a product of her dog. At this the officers, allegedly, beat her up.

I find this hard to swallow but the matter is under investigation. TV report below:

Mail online here.


Anonymous said...

She probably deserved it.

Peter Arronsen at 24 Dec 2010, 19:40:00 said...

No, no no! Even dog fouling does not warrant unnecessary violence!

Dog's mess through the letter box is a different issue!

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