Sunday, December 26, 2010

Private Detective Swings Into Action

A private detective sets up a larger woodland camera on a route regularly used by dog walkers.

"Black Cat Investigations" appears to have set up with the local authority at Milton Keynes in an attempt to catch those, who do not clean up after their dogs. According to the report: "They have hidden tiny video cameras the size of thumbnails in trees and drink cans at popular dog-walking sites across Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, in a bid to catch the offenders".The new Community Dog Fouling Initiative has been set up by father-of-two Mark Halstead, 35, who runs Black Cat Investigations.

Now I am sure that Mr Halstead is doing this because he has a sense of civic duty and, as he observes, is fed up with cleaning excrement off his children's shoes. It has nothing to do with promoting his agency (as is made clear by the article!).

I totally support this initiative and am particularly impressed with Mr Halstead's suggestion that members of the public could assist as volunteers in the campaign. An excellent idea, why pay people when you can get them to work for nothing?

Read more about this undercover initiative at the Mail Online here.


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