Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Final Election Analysis - Danny, Our Hero, Didn't Make It

You will all remember Danny Kushlick. While he has become a legend here, it has to be acknowledged that he didn't quite make it into parliament. When I say "didn't quite", I mean that he received 343 votes while the winning candidate polled 26,593. The full result can be viewed here.

It would be easy to write this off as a defeat. There is, however, always a positive. I was trying to find it when it hit me. Danny has taken the first step needed to enable us to tackle urban repeated defecation. A movement could grow from this.

Tackle Urban Repeated Defecation (TURD).

There will now be a lull before the next election. This will give Danny and any supporters the opportunity to regroup and really campaign on this topic. Already some slogans have come to me:

Put a TURD in the Town Hall (local election).

Let's see a TURD on the floor of the House (general election).

T shirts could be worn by supporters with the slogan "Are You A TURD?" Underneath could be any of the relevant pictures from this site.

There is even already a theme tune for the campaign:

My friends, it can be done! If we can get a green MP, we can get a brown MP! Let us now work towards the next coalition.


KarinJ at 15 May 2010, 18:50:00 said...

Hi Peter, I am so pleased to find your blog and to know that I am not a complete weirdo for wanting to do something about the menace of dogshit on our pavements, our streets, our parks, our beaches, in fact everybloodywhere! I see you have 41 followers which means there must be at least 40 people who agree with me. I'll be following you to see if you come up with any clever ways of dealing with this vile nuisance.

Our local council had started to photograph people allowing their dogs to shit on the pavement or on the beach, but were unable to do anything about it, because apparently this violates the dog-owners' human rights - it seems that their cynical disregard for bye-laws and hygiene trumps my wish for me, my friends, my fellow citizens and their children to be free from the danger of being contaminated by dogshit.

Yes, our Council's lawyers advised that they could not name and shame people, which is a pity because I have quite a collection of pix and was thinking of passing them on to our local newspaper - I now realise that they would follow the Council's lead on this (pun unintentional). However, I have had a brilliant idea on this point: People may have human rights, but dogs don't! So I will be submitting cropped pix to the local rag, because in the end it doesn't matter if the owner's face is not seen, people will recognise the dogs and link them with their irresponsible owners. This is only possible because I live in a small town.

Keep up the battle. This is my first visit but I will read the entire blog and get myself up to speed on how to combat this disgusting, revolting, sickening practice.

Regards and thanks. K

Peter Arronsen at 16 May 2010, 09:57:00 said...


Thank you. How fortunate that we should have come together in this way!

I have been to Deal many times and share your concern regarding the way that dog fouling has blighted such a beautiful town.

As regards your pictures, why not put them on the internet and post a link here. We would be very happy to use them. Also, if you send them to your local press, please either scan any article and put on the internet or send us the link to any internet article. We will publicise it here for you.

We need people like you to join us; this is a significant crusade against a foul and dark practice. Thank you so much for wanting to be part of our campaign, you have reinvigorated me after much self doubt!

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