Monday, May 10, 2010

Dog shit superstitions.

The talent of a real entrepreneur is to see opportunity where others don’t see anything at all! French company Atypik are even more daring – they saw a successful business idea where others saw only shit!

Atypik sells one the most unusual gifts you can imagine – lucky dog shit. Elegantly decorated boxes, labelled "Lucky Dog Shit From France" contains real dog shit and a note saying, "Lucky dog shit from the famous streets of Paris. Brings you luck when walking in it with your left foot".

"Lucky Dog Shit" sure is a bizarre business idea but it has many advantages: it doesn't require big investments, guaranteed free advertising in blogs (such as this one!), no competition and a cheap & easy to source product. Worth trying, isn’t it?

Putting aside the obvious question - why do the French think it is OK to sell Parisian dog shit in a sealed plastic pot (!) I am confused by the "lucky when you step in it with your left foot" comment ?
My Parisian friend explained all - there is a superstition in France that it's good luck to step in a freshly laid dog faeces with your left foot. I don't normally believe in superstitions and I particularly don't buy this one since it's obviously just something they say just to make people feel better about something awful happening, like rain on your wedding.

But then my froggy friend pointed at a nearby bus stop advert showing three young, successful businessmen relaxing in the board room after making yet another "bonus yielding" deal proudly displaying the source of their business prowess - dog shit on their left feet!

It reads, "7 accounts won for 4 agencies in one year. It must be talent."

So that's why there is so much dog poo on the streets of France - it's a cunning ploy to get them out of the recession;

Lots of dog shit = more chance of stepping in it with your left foot = lots of lucky French businessmen = country out of recession.

Wonder what happens if they step in one with their right foot ??


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