Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We All Thought That Dog Fouling As A Political Issue Had Died

Well it hasn't. You will all remember the heroic effort of our hero Danny Kushlick. Perhaps Danny sowed a seed, which has spread across the nation?

In any event, the cause has been taken up by Pete Wedderburn, a vet who writes in the Telegraph.

I don't know how well anybody has been following the political scene but one of the issues raised by the coalition government is the reduction of the use of CCTV. They seem to see it as a counter terrorist tool being used to combat dog fouling.
As you are reading this post, I can guess where your sympathies lie. Would I be right to assume that your feelings are along the lines of "film them, name them, shame them?" While we don't exactly have an ally in Pete, he does support the use to CCTV to combat dog fouling but his reasons relate to Toxocara Canis. He also advertises the Poopsta, but I think we beat him to that. While we must see Pete as an ally, we cannot form a coalition as his reasons are quite different from ours. We are more concerned with thousands of ruined shoes, carpets and items of clothing than a very small number of now curable Toxocara cases.
The interesting part of the article lies in the ensuing blog. I cannot believe how many readers object to the use of CCTV to combat fouling! Already, our cause is in danger from the new government. I have to say that I agree with Pete:
"If people start to think “Big Brother might be watching”, perhaps they might just start to do what they’re meant to do anyway."

I have every confidence that this includes post deliverers scattering red rubber bands the length and breadth of our islands. I say: "follow them randomly with CCTV, let's really make it count!"

Finally, thank you, Pete, for keeping the issue "live". We are a broad group and you are welcome as a member in any capacity.

Read Pete's full observations here.


Stamp It Out at 26 May 2010, 19:59:00 said...

Thats a cat on his shoulder not a dog - what kind of vet doesn't know the difference?

Richard at 15 Jul 2010, 23:52:00 said...

Hi Pete,

Pete Wedderburn is a good guy! It's an emotive issue and he quite rightly recommended Poopsta as a great weapon in the battle against dog fouling! But you were there first!!



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