Thursday, February 25, 2010

Marlow, Crime and Dog Fouling

It's important that we keep crime and dog fouling in perspective.

Take the town of Marlow in Wycombe. While mostly rural, this area has an above average crime rate as can be seen here.

It would, therefore, be understandable if the local residents felt aggrieved at their lack of protection, perceived or real.
So it is quite understandable that an enraged resident should slam local dog owners. This resident was disgusted to find faeces outside of Marks and Spencers.

Laura says;“If you let children do that in the street they would soon have something to say about it.”

Personally, I see this as undoubtedly heralding Armageddon!

Many thanks to the News Shopper for once again bringing us these important details. Please read the full article here.


Pat Tillett at 25 Feb 2010, 22:38:00 said...

My comment concerns the groundswell movement related to the banning of all plastic bags. There are many people and politicians going hot and heavy in that direction right now. A few cities on the west coast, have banned them already.

What if they are successful and there is a total ban? What are dog owners going to use to pick up their dog’s turds off of their neighbor’s lawn?

Love your site!

Peter Arronsen at 28 Feb 2010, 16:55:00 said...

Thank you!

As regards the ban, I suggest that all outer garments will have to be fitted with a pocket with a removable, washable lining. Problem solved!

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