Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Pepe Appeal

We have been in correspondence recently with the writers of the popular blog, I Want One Of Those.

Danny, Dino and Jimbo Woot have come up with an ingenious way to rid the streets of red rubber bands whilst encouraging a spirit of competition amongst their readers & work colleagues.

They have invented a new life form - a life form called Pepe. Pepe is small and round and made up from red rubber bands collected from our streets. But Pepe can only grow if people send in red rubber bands to the boys who will "feed" them to him daily and keep him healthy.
The boys are offering random prizes to those who send in rubber bands to keep Pepe a "healthy bouncing baby ball".

Pepe and the boys are in competition with their Customer Services Team who are feeding an un-named rubber ball, which by all accounts is putting on weight quicker than Pepe.

Nobody wants to see a Customer Services Team win anything - so get behind Pepe and start sending him in some "food" now. Send whatever you can spare to:

Pepe Creative Department,
Unit C11 Parkhall Trading Estate,
40 Martell Road,
SE21 8EN

Terms & conditions are here.

Now if I can just find someone who is making a dog shit ball then I would post their address on here and get you all to send them your dog shit.


Peter Arronsen at 14 Feb 2010, 20:06:00 said...

Perhaps I could start the ball of excrement?

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