Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We Thought It, Others Do It!

How often have we talked about sending dog excrement through the post? Well, we have discussed it and suggested it, does it.

We suggested it as an act of revenge. DogDoo.Com extracts it with excrement.

Anne Knox has cornered a market in the US. She sees herself as enabling the aggrieved to obtain a sense of "closure". She even knows how to ensure that her dogs produce the correct size and consistency. Her efforts are recorded here:

I can only assume that, in the US, there are no offences relating to sending offensive substances through the post. In the UK, this would almost certainly be a malicious communication. The US is, however, generally a little more liberal over such things than the UK. Obviously, in the US, far greater emphasis is placed on teaching respect.

If you are one of our US readers, you can obtain your product at the website and may your mail boxes run brown with the results!


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