Monday, December 21, 2009

The Solicitor General, A Railway Station, A Puppy And Diarrhoea

Vera Baird: her nickname is 'the Towering Inferno'. Photo: ABBIE TRAYLER-SMITH
Many thanks to The Telegraph for bringing us this story.
Vera Baird, the Solicitor General, allegedly walked off after her puppy, breed unspecified, fouled Kings Cross railway station.
The inference is that Ms Baird's dog had left a deposit, which could only be removed by a cleaner.
This article throws up many issues.
Allegedly Ms Baird asked "Don't you know who I am". Surely the answer has to be "no, and I don't actually care you sad, inconsiderate moron". Well done to the PCSO for either not knowing or pretending not to. That said, it appears that a woman began an argument with Ms Baird over this issue and then backed off. Don't do that, especially where dog fouling is concerned. If you start an argument, be ready to stay the course. If necessary, shout louder than the other party and be ready to pile on the abuse.
Legally, I also cannot see that this could have amounted to an offence of Disorderly Behaviour within the meaning of Section 5 Public Order Act, after all we have all seen an argument taking place and we are all far too familiar with dog mess.
Once again, while troubles beset the country and, indeed, the world, the upset stomach of a small dog is still headline news above robbery and burglary. Keep that pressure on!
Full article here.


Life in the fast lane said...

The diarrhoea express now leaving from platform No: 2 !!

Anonymous said...

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