Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hertsmere Council And News Shopper - United They Stand, Divided They Foul!

As I have previously reported, crime is dropping all over the country. Often, I ask why this is. I would like to think that it's because the entire nation is working together to combat acquisitive crimes and crimes of violence.

Every time I come to this conclusion, I read something, which shows me how wrong I am.

The News Shopper advises us that: "Dumped cars and dog fouling top the list of offences Hertsmere Borough Council residents would like to see people fined for". What a focus, what an emphasis on public safety!

This does, however, dovetail with the views of the Local Authority. Hertsmere Council has a section on its website devoted to "Animal Fouling and Dead Animals". The section opens with the gripping and astounding statement: "Each day, dogs produce vast amounts of excrement." If only every authority had this kind of incisive view of social activity. It even goes on to observe that this can cover shoes and clothes! I fail to see how this could routinely happen. I do remember my brother once coming home covered in cow dung but he had ridden down a road, which had clearly been visited by a herd, and fallen off his bike!

I think that I can only conclude one thing; I have no desire to be covered in dog excrement and, therefore, will not be visiting Hertsmere in the near future!

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