Thursday, December 24, 2009

Last minute dog shit

It's nearly Christmas - have you done all your Xmas shopping ? No ? Then allow me to advise on a couple of stocking fillers that are best sellers this year in the world of dog fouling & red rubber bands ...

Plop Trumps has been our No:1 best seller since June this year and is sure to brighten up everyones Xmas day.

Forget settling down to watch the James Bond film after Xmas dinner - grab your Plop Trumps and keep the family entertained for hours.

A bargain at only £4.95.

Or how about a DVD to keep the kids quiet after the big meal to allow you a quick snooze.

At only £5 Doggy Poo is a sure fire family favourite.

Next up is something for the busy executive - a 2010 dog poop calendar.

This is a bit more expensive at £12.99 but is a sure fire way to put your unique stamp on your drab uniform city office.

All these, and more, are available at our Dog Fouling & Red Rubber Bands Shop :-)


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