Monday, February 16, 2015

Dartford - Don't Sit Down

Well, not on a bench in Dartford anyway!
Once again, we have to thank International Operative "AN" for scouring the streets and finding this nugget of information.
It's bad enough that the streets of Dartford should be awash. See the picture below, clearly the dog responsible was large and a little unwell at the moment of production. Frankly, I can almost smell this as I type!
That said, we are quite accustomed to the sight greeting us above. The picture below, taken nearby, is, however, something of a deviation from the norm. The angle of the shot adds to the effect of the picture. This is a public bench. What on earth has been going on?
I am grateful to the citizens of Dartford for showing us that, just as we thought we'd covered every angle, there is a new one around the corner.
Well done, Operative "AN", and we hope the stains came out!


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