Friday, July 17, 2015

South West Operative ML Revives the Rubber Band Issue!

Of late, news on the red rubber band situation has been overshadowed by the blight of dog fouling. we are, therefore, grateful to South West Operative 'ML' for bringing the views of Fiona Shenton to our attention. 
Fiona lives at Shortlanesend, where, it appears, the issue of buff rubber bands has exploded onto the scene. Fiona's letter to the Western Morning News (below) speaks for itself.

If you have ever been to Shortlanesend, you will understand that not much happens there. There is the odd, aggressive daffodil but that is easily managed. It is, therefore, quite revolutionary for Fiona to suggest that the offending items are returned through pillar boxes. This is the kind of forward thinking so lacking in Cornwall!
Fiona, we are with you! Fill those pillar boxes!


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