Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Councillor Simon Hoar, Croydon, We Salute you!

Cllr Simon Hoar

Once again, we thank SE Operative "JH" for his commitment to the cause!
Politics and dog fouling have often been shown to mix on this blog. Many will remember Danny Kushlick, who featured on this blog as he sought to take dog fouling into mainstream politics. He failed!
For us, politics become relevant only as regards dog fouling!
We now have the Conservative Party coping with another expenses scandal and looking to deflect the ever growing attack from UKIP. It therefore follows naturally that Conservative councillor Simon Hoar of Croydon should focus on dog fouling.
The Croydon Guardian reports on his recent efforts. Branded as a new tactic (?), Croydon Council is placing stencilled pictures on pavements in fouling hot spots to deter offenders.
As well as the above pictured stencil, Simon delivers this chilling threat to offenders: “If they get caught they’ll soon feel the pain of a fine and the possibility of an expensive prosecution.” Frankly, Labour and UKIP must be quaking in their boots at this blistering onslaught! The full article can be read here.
To close, I would urge Simon and others to remember SNP politician John Mason. As reported on this blog here, dog fouling and politics did not equal ongoing success!


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