Thursday, April 24, 2014

After the Thaw Is Over - Halifax - Nova Scotia

Dogs and their owners enjoy a walk along a poop-free path in Point Pleasant Park


Life in Canada is very hard during the winter months. Imagine the cold and feet of snow! Then, imagine thee dog faeces flowing at the time of the great thaw!
It would appear that Halifax residents are not picking up as they should. Frozen dog waste then flows through the streets at the time of the thaw. Just imagine how many tons lie frozen, just waiting to cascade through the streets.
This means that not every pile can be targeted. Therefore "city crews will scoop any poop on paths or roadways, but scat that’s scattered in the woods or out of the way is left to Mother Nature". Here we see a fine example of prioritisation of resources.
If nothing else, this, once again, demonstrates the international aspects of the fouling problem.
Thanks to the Metro here.


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