Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cornwall, Repeat Victimisation and Heaving Pathways

As all our followers and readers will know, St Agnes in Cornwall has a reputation for stunning beauty. That said, we all know how deceptive appearances can be!
I have a long association with the village and have reported on said village on this blog many times. It is now becoming clear that I am being victimised because of my views.
I have been aware, for over 50 years, that the village is absolutely swimming in dog faeces. Of course, this is funny until the pile shown below is left on my grass verge. This is far from being the first such instance!
I shudder to think how big the dog is and I wonder if it is also responsible for this pile a little further down the lane:
I can't work out if the flecks on the path match the massive pile on the grass verge. There could be two culprits here!
Not far from this location is a path running up to the beacon. It is absolutely awash! The two examples below represent a small fraction of the total amount of faeces to be found sliding downhill.

As if to mock, I found the sign below on a lamp post at the bottom of British Road. It is clearly old and I don't understand how I haven't seen it before. Perhaps fate guided me to it after I encountered the piles shown above.

I say "well done, St Agnes", it's easy to see why there is a shaded area on the map through the link above!


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