Friday, January 24, 2014

Another dog poop arrest.

It looks like Police are finally catching onto how useful dog faeces can be in helping identify suspects of crime.

Remember the story about how the Police used dog poop footprints to track down a thief ? Well here is a very similar story that again shows the "power of the poop" in fighting crime.

In the early hours of the morning, Police in Austin, Texas, USA received reports of a suspect breaking into cars on the forecourt of a local car dealership. According to the Police report, there was a pile of dog poop by the cars which the suspect had stepped in and trailed from car to car as he broke into them.

A quick tour of the area and Police soon stopped Andrew Carreira nearby. Carreira said he was out for an evening stroll and hadn't been anywhere near the car lot. A check of his shoes and they were found to be caked in dog shit as well. This damning evidence led to Carreira being arrested and charged with breaking into the cars and he is now enjoying another visit to Travis County Jail.

Presumably he will be adding to his tasteful collection of tattoo's while in prison - might I suggest a tattoo of a pile of dog crap to forever remind himself to be more careful where he walks in the future.


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