Sunday, August 04, 2013

Cornwall, Dog Fouling and Eviction!

Porthtowan is a quiet place, not known for problems. That said, we thank Operative ML and, of course, the West Briton for letting us know differently.

A dispute arose, the police were involved and Adam Semmens Pearce, 31, of West Cliff, Porthtowan, pleaded guilty at Truro Magistrates' Court to using threatening behaviour towards Daniel O'Brien between April 5 and 8 at Porthtowan.

Alison May, for the Crown Prosecution Service, said there had been difficulties over the cleaning of the mess from a dog belonging to Pearce's girlfriend, who also lived in the same block of flats. Mr O'Brien had sent her a note but had no response and raised the problem with the letting agent.

Mr Pearce then showed Mr O'Brien a letter from the agent saying the dog might have to be removed from the premises. Later he threatened to enter Mr O'Brien's flat and "tear him to pieces".

And all this for the sake of not cleaning up!

I find myself asking what the problem is in an otherwise quiet area of North Cornwall. Why is it providing the blog with such a rich source of material? I don't know but I continue to fear that Cornwall will sink under the weight (of complaints!).

If you are connected with Cornwall and have any views or information, please feel free to comment and let us know, we are here to advise and help!

See full article here.


Annon at 23 Feb 2018, 20:08:00 said...

If your going to report something do it properly. Mr Obrien had previously poisoned the dog in question - the argument was not over dog mess but the fact the dog had been seriously ill as a result of this. Secondly the owner was not told the dog might have to be removed but was told either get rid of the dog or be evicted. This was because Mr Obrien continuously teased the dog when the owner was out of the property by knocking on the door - this was proofed by CCTV. He knew when the owner was out due to the car leaving the car park.

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