Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Trevaunance Road, Cornwall Again!

Trevaunance Road has already proved to be a rich source of material for this blog. It has featured before here, here and here.
It will, therefore, come as no shock to our regular followers and readers that it remains a source of dog fouling, which begins to turn even my stomach!
Now I have seen many owners picking up in St Agnes and good for them! There is, however, still the owner of one large dog, who does not comply. Curiously, it is again in Trevaunance Road, just north west of the original pictures shown above but not as far as the pile on the hedge.
This time, the dog has hidden the deposit under some overhanging vegetation. I'm not sure whether or not we should be grateful for this as, in any event, I fancy that, by now, it will have stained a carpet somewhere.
The pictures below show the offending pile and also give an indication of the fuller setting.
The Offending Pile!

Pile Under Vegetation, Bottom Right

If your aren't heaving by now, I take my hat off to you!


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