Thursday, January 03, 2013

News Shopper Kicks Off 2013

Barnehurst has featured on this blog before, see here. The News Shopper has also combated the issue of dog fouling in the borough of Bexley. All these efforts appear, however, to have been in vain.
Clearly, Barnehurst is still awash. According to the News Shopper: not a single fine was dished out for dog fouling across Bexley in nine months – despite more than 100 complaints. A Freedom of Information request revealed between January and September last year Bexley Council received 113 reports of dog fouling but not one penalty notice was issued to the culprits’ owners.
Katie and Christine Melville with Blake Buist 15 months old, sister Kiyah, 5 and Claire Watts street coordinator in February last year.

This is bad news for the cause and, once again, we see a suggestion that CCTV is needed to combat those irresponsible owners, who do not clear up.
One of our operatives lives in Barnehurst. He is now on the case. Be advised that we will not sit back and allow this issue to go unaddressed. Put differently, we will not allow the matter to drop - we wish dog owners in Barnehurst wouldn't either!
It only remains to thank the person, who made the Freedom of Information Act request. Well done, you good and trusty servant, we rely upon people like you having the time and energy to do this!
Read the full article here.


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