Sunday, November 11, 2012

'Grit and Dog Shit': can there be more to localism for councils?

Are councils limited to spreading grit in cold weather and tackling dog fouling?
So asks the Guardian, a much respected news publication. This blog actually come into being as a recognition of the fact that the views of everyday, ordinary people are subsumed beneath the desire of central government to ignore dog fouling and littering with red rubber bands and to concentrate only on peripheral issues such as robbery and burglary.
In other words, the localism agenda is being ignored. Centralisation has come to dominate our lives. Alright, it has driven the crime rate down and made the streets safer but my shoes are still plastered in dog faeces on a regular basis!
I won't regurgitate the Guardian article here, I will, instead urge you to read it yourselves. I must, however, quote the article: "How often do we forget that the average resident is more concerned about, as I have heard one person put it, "grit and dog shit"?" I suggest we must never forget this!
This could be the moment for change! Join us in our quest!
Article here.


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