Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dog Poo Fairy strikes again!!

Remember the Dog Poo Fairy campaign run by Keep Britain Tidy ?

Well the fairy is back and now she is armed with a new sprinkling of "dog poo magic" designed to drive dog fouling from the streets of the UK once and for all. She has obviously been reading our blog and realised that a good campaign needs music to "rally the troops" and get her message across.

But what makes this new campaign so much more, is that you can get involved by uploading the pictures of your pet dog and watch as they sing their heart out reminding you to pick up their dog poo.

Just to get you going I have included my dog singing. But then it struck me - why not upload pictures of famous people and get them to sing their support instead?

Try it for yourself here.

Enjoy :-)


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