Saturday, July 07, 2012

London, Paris And Now....Berlin!

I must admit, I had never heard of Jared Hasselhoff. He is clearly not a man to mess with. As well as having a stage name of "Evil", he is also German celebrity boxing heavyweight champion.

Perhaps that is how he can feel safe in walking the streets of Berlin and challenging people to pick up dog faeces with their bare hands and then hold it in their T shirts! Why would anyone do this is a fair question. It appears the answer is to get a free ticket to a rock concert.

I know very little about music. I have been to Berlin just after the wall came down. It was a weird experience seeing the old East contrasting with the modern West. That said, I did not notice a dog fouling problem. Jared appears to have a different view of the world. Allegedly, he has OCD, yet that obviously does not relate to cleanliness!

I can't really say much more. This video is longer than usual but shows what some people will do for a free ticket and, if nothing else, gets dog fouling back onto the international stage!


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