Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Civil Rights? Not If You're A Dog!

We thank huffingtonpost.com for bringing this article to our attention.

Our regular readers and followers will be aware that DNA has long been suggested as a means of controlling dog fouling. The myth has now become a reality!

An "up market" apartment complex in Montgomery, Alabama has made it a condition of living in the complex that you allow your dog's DNA to be taken. While the civil rights aspect of the situation has been ignored, employment has been created. Poo Prints is the company, which managed the DNA. From faeces to financial success!

Whether we approve or not, the fouling issue has all but disappeared. It goes to show that enforcement with penalties can work. For my part, I would make a point by leaving human faeces at various locations. The results would be funny if nothing else! I must, however, stress that this should only be done by a disguised person in the dead of night!

Enjoy the video (sorry about the advert) and read the article here.


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