Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Red Rubber Bands - They Haven't Gone Away!

This site has campaigned long and hard to eliminate littering with red rubber bands -the true and insidious crime, which haunts our society. So far, however, it is clear our efforts have gone unrewarded. That said, there is a glimmer of hope as society fights back.

The Telegraph has kept the fires of the campaign burning reporting that "Royal Mail has spent £5 million in the past five years on the red rubber bands that often litter Britain's pavements". According to the Telegraph, Royal mail spends £2,840 per day on these elasticated embodiments of evil! See their report here.

Now, enter brothers Thomas and Jack Dillon and all their little friends.

The Mail sums it up as follows: "A New children’s craze is saving Britain’s pavements from the blight of rubber bands discarded by careless postmen.Youngsters have taken to stretching the discarded red bands around their scooter T-bars – to the delight of anti-litter campaigners, who say they are a danger to wildlife".

This could be seen as an opportunity for children to learn about keeping the environment clean as well as some healthy competition re who collects the most.

As usual, however, I can see a negative. As the article reports; "Television presenter Kirstie Allsopp, 39, whose children do the school run on their scooters, said: ‘The journey to school takes 20 minutes longer than it should, thanks to the endless search for red rubber bands". Not only is the environment affected but now there is a knock on effect as regards the education system.

Is it any wonder some young people become anti-social?

Recently, for a joke, I gathered up about 200 red rubber bands and put them through my neighbour's letter box for no good reason. Why aren't the authorities protecting people against that kind of behaviour?

Article here.


Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one to notice this!! I have been collecting red bands since april and then I'm going to contact the local paper and see if they want to do a story, if the amount I have found in just a few streets, is repeated all over the UK, then there is a serious problem and the only ones benefitting from this is the manufacturers which I'm guessing is China

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